Our Start


Konkr Roads began in 2017 when our founder drove Romania's fabled Transfagarasan Highway and felt obligated to promote the action-travel hobby of conquering the World's greatest roads.   First developed solely as a road-ranking site, Konkr Roads has matured into a one-stop-shop for road travel enthusiasts to immerse themselves in what they love with fantastic road review videos, travel tip blogs, and over 100 road-conquering  selections in the apparel shop.

The TourTag


The Konkr Roads TourTag is the pinnacle of what we share and offer.  Konkr Roads has ranked the greatest roads in the World by Gold, Silver, and Bronze and transferred this data into over 50 TourTags so our site visitors can plan and track their road conquering adventures.

Our Mission


  Our mission: to promote, share, and support the road-conquering lifestyle.